Hypnotize Yourself with Glee!

Today's entry will feature a series of illusions which star celebrities from the cast of the hit show Glee!

The illusion is simple, and it's about seeing your favorite Glee characters everywhere!

  1. For each picture below, stare at the center red dot for 30 seconds.
  2. Right after the staring at the red dot, immediately stare at a blank wall or a blank paper and blink TEN times.
  3. Enjoy!!

a. Dianna Agron

b. Chris Colfer

c. Jessalyn Gilsig

d. Jane Lynch

e. Jayma Mays

f. Mark Salling

g. Matthew Morrison

have fun everyone!


  1. i Love this thing but it is so creepy

  2. that is so cool i tried it on my sister she was mad because she couldnt stop seing the image